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What can one typically expect from an auto accident settlement?

Car accidents often have dangerous and life-threatening complications. Accident settlement compensation is often the only resolve that people get after going through such an experience. The value of a settlement depends on the damages incurred and the validity of your liability claim. These two factors play the biggest role in what to expect from an […]

Case Study: Process to Engage a Car Accident Attorney in Seattle

A Seattle auto accident lawyer is available for injured parties who have suffered from auto accident negligence and subsequent costs. The department of transportation has indicated that over 32,000 fatalities have resulted from car accidents over the past recent year. These auto accident fatalities in the U.S. have resulted from the negligence of other drivers. […]

How much do auto accident attorneys make?

If you have been injured in an automobile accident, then you will probably wonder if you can afford an auto accident attorney to represent you and help you receive compensation for your injuries, damages, pain, and suffering. Auto accident attorneys are compensated by two different methods. This makes it difficult to figure out how much […]

Examples of wrongful death settlements

Over the years, there have been many cases brought before a judge regarding wrongful death. These cases can be a result of many types of circumstances. Discussed below are the more common wrongful death case settlements. Medical Malpractice It is very unfortunate, but medical malpractice is becoming a very common cause of wrongful death. When […]

CASE STUDY: A Costly Scenario in Denver

The Hazards of the Road It is hard for most of us to imagine a world without automobiles. As a mobile society, our entire culture is built around our vehicles. Unfortunately, there is a high price paid for this modern marvel with more than 30,000 fatalities and 2.5 million injuries in the U.S. each year. […]