Examples of wrongful death settlements

By | October 28, 2013

Over the years, there have been many cases brought before a judge regarding wrongful death. These cases can be a result of many types of circumstances. Discussed below are the more common wrongful death case settlements.

Medical Malpractice

It is very unfortunate, but medical malpractice is becoming a very common cause of wrongful death. When a person goes through training to provide medical services to patients, he or she accepts a code of ethics in which he or she will provide care in accordance to a certain standard of practice. When this standard of practice is not properly followed, this often ends up resulting in the wrongful death of a patient. The family of such a patient has the right to bring forth a wrongful death case. Some of the more common professionals found in the medical field who wrongful death settlements have been won against include:

– Psychologists
– Doctors
– Surgeons
– Nurses
– Hospitals

Criminal Acts

When a person commits a criminal act and it results in the wrongful death of another person, in addition to a criminal lawsuit, the person will also face a civil wrongful death case. It is not required for a person to be criminally convicted of a charge before a wrongful death case can begin. Some of the more common instances in which a wrongful death occurs during a criminal act are those relating to burglary and assault.

Workplace Accidents

Another example of a circumstance in which wrongful death case settlements are obtained on a frequent basis include those relating to workplace accidents. Employers must follow certain rules and standards to ensure the safety of their employees, and when these things are not met and an employee dies as a result, this can turn into a wrongful death case. Construction employers, including those who carry out logging and mining, are those that endure the most wrongful death cases. Other fields of work that also see a high number of wrongful death settlements include the trucking and electrical industry.

Motor Vehicle Accidents

When a person is at-fault for a car accident that results in the death of another person, if negligence took place, this can result in a wrongful death settlement. The person(s) who would receive the settlement would be a family member of the loved one who became deceased. To avoid becoming the defendant in a wrongful death case involving a motor vehicle accident, it is important for drivers to abide by all road signs as well as take into account all weather-related factors.

Product Liability

When a manufacturer goes about creating a product, it must do so with the safety in mind of those who will be using the item. If it ends up distributing or selling a product that brings death to those purchasing it, this can result in wrongful death settlements. Any time a product has the ability to bring death to the person using it, it must be clearly stated on the product. Most of the time, it is when proper labeling, including warning signs, on the product are not implemented that a wrongful death settlement can be obtained.

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