Case Study: Process to Engage a Car Accident Attorney in Seattle

By | November 11, 2013

A Seattle auto accident lawyer is available for injured parties who have suffered from auto accident negligence and subsequent costs. The department of transportation has indicated that over 32,000 fatalities have resulted from car accidents over the past recent year. These auto accident fatalities in the U.S. have resulted from the negligence of other drivers. The results of an auto accident can include fatality, serious bodily injury, loss of time from work, pain and suffering, and large medical bills. Engaging an attorney who specializes in this area of law can provide a shield against further economic damage and can result in an appropriate settlement from the other driver’s insurance company.

Car Accident Attorney in Seattle
A car accident lawyer is available for legal representation when the accident is not the client’s fault. Compensation is probable for any injuries that have incurred, for continued medical care, for lost wages, for emotional trauma, and other types of loss that have resulted from the other driver’s negligence. Each U.S. citizen has certain rights of reimbursement for negligent acts of others that have created pain and suffering for a victim. A competent and professional attorney who specializes in the legal area of automobile accidents can guard against any abuse or against any insurance company trying to take advantage of a claimant.

Legal Rights When Involved in a Car Accident
There are certain legal rights that need to be protect when a driver is involved in a car accident. The responsible driver’s insurance company expects a claim from the other driver. Each modern insurance company manages these accident claims in a certain manner. Most modern insurance companies will try to settle each new claim quickly and for the least amount of money for the victim. There are several attorneys who are hired by each company, and the insurance group has many resources to battle each new claim.

When Necessary and Not Necessary to Pursue Legal Course of Action
A legal course of action against an insurance company may be necessary in many instances. The managers of the settlement funds are trained to pay out each new claim quickly and for the least amount of money. The injured party can contact the insurance company for the other driver with a personal injury claim. The insurance pay out could be minimal, however. There are additional reasons to hire an auto accident attorney for each new insurance claim, and these reasons are the following:

1. The medical liabilities for an auto accident are not obvious in many cases.

2. The amount of funds needed to make a victim whole may not be evident immediately.

3. The insurance company settlement representatives may contact the victim and indicate that the claim can be paid out with a simple and minimal payment.

4. Each car accident has certain compensation rights that may not be represented with a direct telephone call from an insurance settlement representative.

Process to Engage a Car Accident Attorney
Accepting an insurance company pay out may eliminate any further cost reimbursements allowed. The insurance representative will have certain documents signed that eliminate any further money being paid out for that particular accident. Any additional medical costs are not paid for, and the accident victim may have additional expenses later on. Hiring an auto accident attorney in Seattle may have additional benefits, and these benefits are the following:

1. Each case has a free initial consultation that allows the new attorney to review any information about the car accident.

2. Any questions that the car accident victim has may be answered initially in the evaluation sessions.

3. An accident may be under certain jurisdictional laws, and these laws may include certain statutes of limitation. This means that a claim against the other driver needs to be processed within a particular period of time. Any claims that are filed outside of the statute of limitation may not be recognized or compensated.

4. An insurance claim can be started quickly by an auto accident lawyer. Any witnesses may need to be interviewed as soon as possible. Witnesses tend to loose significant memory ability after certain periods of time have lapsed.

Starting an auto accident claim quickly usually works in the favor of an accident victim. A competent and professional lawyer can provide the legal shield necessary against many of today’s insurance company claim departments. Most insurance claim representatives are trained to pay out a minimum amount only. Additional money for claims may involve a lawsuit.

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